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Golf as Therapy

Golf as Therapy

Dr. Brakeville is a recognized expert in the sport of golf.  Starting 31 years ago with the invention of “The Coordinator”; using water as a feedback medium, he defined efficiency in the golf swing. Since his initial discovery, Dr. Brakeville has traveled the country educating medical professionals, PGA professionals, and those who love playing the game on principles of motion based on neuromuscular and biomechanical efficiency.


His Experience Includes:

· Authoring 2 books on efficiency in golf swing

· Publishing an article relating fundamental principles in golf to all rotational sports

· Hosting of medical segment on The Golf Show aired on AM 680 The Fan

· Titleist Performance Institute certified in 3 levels

· Fluid Golf Schools, which is a comprehensive program employing Physical Therapists and PGA professionals to help participants understand and produce efficient motion.

· Participation in Fluid Golf for Professionals – An educational program to teach medical and PGA professionals how to improve motion in their clients

· Adaptive Golf as Therapy – An educational program in concert with David Windsor, PGA to teach medical and PGA professionals how to work with special needs clients

· Chairman for the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy’s Golf Special Interest Group

· Member of the Georgia State Golf Association’s Adaptive Golf Committee


We work closely with Adaptive Golf Program, Georgia State Golf Association, many local PGA professionals and with medical professionals across the country providing solutions to your golf related needs.

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