“Dr. Brakeville and his staff do a great job with athletes both young and old. He really understands injury patterns and the biomechanics associated with them, helping to return to the athletic field quickly but safely” 

David Marshall, MD:

Pediatric sports medicine physician with Children’s Orthopedics of Atlanta

Dan O’Rourke: NHL Referee

“Dr. Brakeville has been instrumental in helping me meet the demands as an NHL referee. When I suffered a knee injury, he pushed me to get back stronger than I was before my injury.” 

Tim Courtwright: Gymnastics Coach

“Dr. Brakeville’s dedication to our kids has been tremendous! He checks our kids every week for free and provides advice on injury prevention as well as evaluating and taking care of those who are injured.”

Jason Bohn: PGA Tour Professional

“Dr. Brakeville and his staff were instrumental in the management of my golf injury and preparing me to meet the demands of golf on the PGA Tour.”